The Business Journey

Every entrepreneur has their own Business Journey or Story.  The first step in the BusinessBuilding process is to determine what business journey you want to create or have created. You also need to identify where you are on that journey. The WHAT consists of your mission

and vision for your business journey. Safechoice Business Builders (SBB) can help with this if you are just starting a business. SBB uses the criteria shown in the “Stages of Business” chart to determine WHERE you are on your business journey. This is important for each Stage has different needs and pains. The paths you take in your business journey during Stage 1 are not the same as Stage 2, Stage 3, etc.

BusinessBuilding has three areas of focus:

  • Strategy
  • Tactics
  • Tools

These areas of focus are done in that order. Strategy comes before Tactics and Tactics comes before Tools.  The Safechoice Business Builders approach to this process is to first establish the Stage an entrepreneur is in on their business journey. Why is this important?  The main reason is this help identify where you are in your business journey.  This is important because the Strategies of a Stage 1 business are different from the a Stage 2 business or any of the Stages as a business advances their business journey. Also, your goals within a Stage define your Strategies. Are your goals to move your business to the next Stage OR just be more profitable and efficient in the Stage you currently may be.  This requires a review of one’s personal goals that are outside of the Business Journey.

Your Business Journey may only want to reach Stage 2 on this Stages of Business scale.  Not every entrepreneur wants to reach the Stage 5 business.  Many entrepreneurs often are seeking what is frequently referred to as a “Lifestyle Business”. Reaching a Stage 2 or Stage 3 may be the right fit for that goal.  If you REALLY love creating and delivering your product and/or service, you probably don’t want to go beyond Stage 2.  If your personal goals find the demands of a CEO to be appealing, then your ultimate goal may be to reach a Stage 4 or Stage 5 business. Very different Strategies, Tactics, and Tools are required and used by Stage 4 & 5 businesses compared to Stages 1-3.

The Stages of Business

SBB offers assistance for businesses in all Stages of the business journey. SBB assists with Strategies, Tactics,and Tools used for buisnesses moving through Stages 1-3.  If you are a Stage 3 business and want to advance to a Stage 4 or Stage 5 business, SBB’s primarily role as your Guide will be to steer you to the resources that will get you there. Who gets you to Stage 3 may not be the same who gets you to Stage
4 and Stage 5. (Call to action to determine the Stage the viewer is)

Strategies (Content still Work in progress)

Once it is established the Stage a business is in on their Business Journey, the Strategies for the business are clarified.  The mission and vision needs to be consistent with the Brand that is created.  The Brand can be described as the Grand Strategy or the Overall Vision of the Business Journey.  The Brand will drive and guide you for all the other strategic decisions that need made to achieve your goals.

Tactics (Content still Work in progress)

After the Strategies are defined via the brand, the mission, and the vision, one is ready to move onto the “How?” The Tactics determine the How.  How are the Strategics implemented and achieved so the goals are reached?  Many Tactics are required for an Entrepreneur to be successful. This will require “getting into the weeds” on a whole spectrum of decisions that need made to maintain a successful and growing business.  The management structure needs defined, financing and budgeting, accounting and compliance (taxes, permits, fees, etc.), product creation or distribution, marketing activities, sales or revenue activities and part of EVERY business. Early Stage 1 businesses typically are limited by budget or financing and so most of this may require a DYI approach (Button to a checklist of Starting a business).  As one progresses into the established Stage 1 business certain other Tactics of getting a bookkeeper and/or accountant, hiring employees, taking on a Partner. Stage 2 and Stage 3 businesses…

Tools (Content still Work in progress)

The list of Tactics provides the entrepreneur what Tools are needed to implement and deliver on the Tactics.  SBB view Tools as resources required to deliver the Tactics. This can be software, hardware, real estate (Real- Brick & Mortar or Virtual Website), sub-contracted services, employee services, etc.  SBB helps determine what Tools are needed in the context of time, budget, and existing resources.  SBB offers software tools targeted towards automation and integration of the accounting, marketing and sales activities.  Support and implementation services are available for these tools.  Services are also provide to assist in the integration of other Tools not directly provided by SBB.  SBB’s primary focus of Tools is for the Stage 1-3 businesses and turns to the Full Stack Marketing global network of
professionals that have the expertise for Stage 4 & 5 businesses or for any business that need a special services expertise for a Tool for a special niche…

Guide (Content still Work in progress)

SBB is the Guide who helps you Do It Yourself (DYI) and then “Do It With You (DIWY) and also Do It For You (DIFY) as you progress on your business journey… (Call to action button)