Our Story

Our Journey in Business

Our business journey together began over 22 years ago. Before there was an “us”, there was a business. Before the business, there were separate careers for both of us.

Roger has always been an entrepreneur, looking for ways to serve small businesses searching for effective ways to automate their business, saving them time and mistakes. From that perspective, he’s very familiar with the successes and freedoms of being an entrepreneur, but also the demands, failures and frustrations, all of which are a part of the journey of being owning your own business.

Barb joined Roger as an employee and then later liked him enough that she married him. As a bookkeeper/accountant, she uses her experience to support and train clients in accounting software.

Through the ups and downs of life and owning a business, they’ve learned many strategies and tactics and how to turn those ideas into profitable businesses. Their goal is to serve others whose dreams are to create, succeed and grow their own businesses!